The RM1 Pill Counter

Tabletop Automation At Your Fingertips

  • Quickly and accurately counts solid, oral medications
  • No calibration necessary
  • Low-profile design; only 7.6” tall
  • Easy-to-read quantity display
  • Bulk chutes for efficient inventory counting

RM1 Specifications

RM1 is a vision-based pill counter thats quickly and accurately counts medications utilizing a counting tray design.

Accumulation Mode
Maintains the previous count once surface is cleared. Great for inventory counts.

169.4 sq-inch (14” W x 12.1” L x 7.6” H)

Vial Size Reference
Two universal pods are marked with vial size requirements.

6 lb. (2.7kg)

Standard wall outlet, 110V

Counting Surface Area
48 sq-inch (8” W x 6” L)

No disassembly required to clean common surfaces.